Sustainable Design Showcase

Hello and Welcome!

I’ve established this blog as a Sustainable Design Showcase to share my “ah ha” moments with you, my reader.  My vision is to share examples of sustainable design – intuitive, creative, visual, practical, spiritual…   Information too good to keep to myself!

My name is Elizabeth Ingram, LEED Green Associate, studying for a LEED ID+C.  My background is in web design, administration, social media,  and interior design.  With this blog, I hope to use my knowledge to offer my readers content on amazing products, wonderful happenings, and creative beings in the vast community of sustainable design.

I am the very fortunate mother of a magical son named Andrew who is the joy of my life, and through his eyes, I see our future.  He is a happy, loving, generous soul and when I lose my rose-tinted view of life, he nudges me happily back on track – moving forward with my goals.  Our children are our future – the leaders of tomorrow.  We must teach them all we know.

Additionally, I am profoundly interested in sustainable design, specifically through LEED certification and healthy communities. My career goal is to share my vision as part of an Integrated Design Team, in a company dedicated to green growth within the new economy – the broader context of which is sustainable development, contributing to economic and social development as well as environmental protection and improvement.  Please contact me with any questions or comments you may have.  I’d love to connect with you!


I dedicate this blog to my late Auntie Ellen Rice, joyous San Franciscan socialite and bon vivant and who always encouraged me to write.


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